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Assertion failure at “tstring.cpp-2183”


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One of my customers are having trouble with Retrospect Express HD 1.1.

He gets the following message :

Retrospect has encountered a serious error:

Assertion failure at “tstring.cpp-2183”

A log of this error has been written to the file “assert_log.utx”.

Please tell Dantz about this problem.

We have created an error report that can help us improve Dantz Retrospect.

We will treat this report as confidential and anomymous.

Send the error report?

Yes No

He has Windows XP with all updates installed - including .NET Framework.

I've uninstalled the application and installed it over again, but it didn't work.


Can you please help us?


Best regards


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Hello Monica.


You can try to rebuild the catalog file.


Open the retrospect restore points folder on the external drive, move the Retrospect Catalog file to the root of the external drive. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RetroExp and delete the two config11 files. Relaunch HD, after a minute or so you should see HD saying backup maintenance in progress. The catalog file is being rebuilt and can take at an hour or more to finish.




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