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MacOS 9.1, ASIP 6.3.3 Workaround

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THIS WORKS! I am now able to run Retrospect 5.0 on my MacOS 9.1 Blue & White G3 running ASIP 6.3.3, QuickMail Pro Server and WebSonar.acgi. The secret?




Move the Retrospect application to the Startup Items folder inside the System folder (thus, if the machine restarts, Retrospect will automatically start). Start Retrospect (or Restart the machine). In Retrospect click the "Special" tab, and click the "Customize preferences" button. Then, in the "Unattended" dialog, check "Stay in Retrospect" and nothing else. In "Quit Action", uncheck "Check validity of next script". In "Notification", uncheck EVERYTHING.




In addition to the foregoing, (maybe it was total overkill, since it didn't help until I did the things described in the previous paragraph) I also set the maximum memory size in ASIP to leave room for everything that is running, including 60MB for Restrospect, I also reset the memory allocation for Retrospect in the Finder to 60MB. I then option clicked while clicking the "Customize preference" button and set Retrospect to NOT use system heap.




The problem with Retrospect crashing ASIP seems to coincide with Retrospect trying to start itself up. So long as it doesn't have to start itself up, it seems to behave itself.

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