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Net retry and Airport

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Mac OS X 10.1.4


Retrospect Workgroup 5.0.205


Network via Airport (with airport as first in active network ports AND as only selected as active in same)


Airport 2.0 set up to enable ethernet bridging




Backup of local Desktop goes without a hitch. When attempts are made to back up clients over the network (all OX 9 with latest Retrospect Client), the dreaded Net Retry dialog shows up and never goes away. The 'Stop' button must be clicked. Most interesting, my airport connection is lost and the base station cannot be found from the OS X computer. I can open up my Powerbook right next to it and find that the Airport network/base station is still up and functional, but the OS X desktop where the Net Retry dialog appeared must be Restarted for the aiport card to find the network. This occurs with various amounts completed in the backup. Sometimes 10s-100s of megabytes, sometimes less than 1.




Have yet to complete a backup of any of my clients and am getting very frustrated!





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There are real problems with running any OS 9 client against Retrospect 5 under OS X if there is any packet loss at all (more likely with wireless or Internet connectivity.) There is a thread on the subject from a few weeks back, and I provided very detailed debugging info but have not heard anything at all in reply.




I'm punting and using it as an excuse to finally upgrade the rest of my office to OS X, which I needed to do anyhow, but it's the coward's way out...

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Just found and read through that post. Wow. I certainly appreciate that debugging effort and hope Dantz is working with it to correct the problem.




Unfortunately, only one of the client computers CAN be upgraded to OSX. One is actually a PowerMac 7500 and another a Powerbook G3...




I can only hope it gets fixed soon.





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