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not enough space errors

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I'm using retro 5 on a Mac G4/733 to backup the local drive and my NAS Snap Server. I initially backed up with no problems, other than open files not being copied. but when my backup script takes over at night, i have gotten an error several times for two different backup sets. The log reports:


"Not enough space for selected files. About 44.1 G more required." and "Not enough spce for selcted files. About 5.3 G more required." I'm attempting to do a "normal backup", which if I understand it, is supposed to scan and then copy only new files, or files that have changed since the last B/U. I have very little new data, and only a couple of dozen modified files since my last "immediate" B/U. On my external firewire, I have more than 25 GB left on the drive after the backup set. I know there isn't 44.1 GB of new data, so why the problem.


An ammendment. After trying to do an immediate backup to the same firewire external drive, (to make up fore last night) I recieved the following errors:


"Can't read file "dftmpJNHNCBJLkkkkkkkk---------', error -43 (file/folder not found) I assume this is some kind of temp file, but what?


"Can't save catalog, error -08 (not enough memory).


I read in the forum that error-43 is due to mac files being moved on pc's having to do with their forks. but I'm not using a pc on the system. And I should have plenty of memory!




Help!!! Thanks all.

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