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Creating Inernet Catalog

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We are using Retrospect to have remote office workers backup their critical files to the inhouse FTP server (which is running Appleshare 6.x) over the Internet.




That works well, but I'm having difficulty creating the backup catalog of the files that are stored on the server.




I imagine that I can have the users that initiated the backup email the catalog to me, but I'm assuming that the machine that needs the restore will be down when the restore is needed.




When I recreate the backup catalog, I get the following error: "bad backup set header found."




Anyone have any ideas on solving this problem?

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A bad backup set header message means that Retrospect encountered a missing or damaged file header which contains information such as the file's name and size.




Do your users keep verification turned on during the backup? Verification ensures that the data is being copied properly to the FTP Server. What if you try to rebuild the catalog from another machine? What if you try to restore using the current catalog on the user's machine? Are you able to retrieve the data?

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