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Multiple versions of files


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I understand the Retrospect only backs up changed files (unless the duplicate mode is chosen). Furthermore, i understand that multiple versions of files are kept. What i would like to know is how many versions of a file are kept. In other words, if I have a particular database that changes daily, how far back will Retrospect keep different versions of that file? and, is that a user definable setting?



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There is no set limit on the number of versions. The only limits would be size of the file space of a backup set.

In searching Help and KB, I haven't found anything on a limit for the total size of a Backup Set or on the number of new members you can add to a Backup set. The largest number of members in a CD Backup set I've had is 9. [but, I'd bet, if there is a limit, it'd be much larger]

That said, I've seen others in this forum talk about Backup sets in the 10's of gigabytes.



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