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Back-up hangs constantly.

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I haven't been able to complete a single back-up so far. I have two Maxtor drives connected through an Ultra/100 IDE card. The software would hang trying to detect the second channel every time I tried a back-up. I removed the second drive and now the back-up gets to the 900Mb mark and then just hangs. Everytime!




Problem is, I don't have any idea if the problem is with the hard drives, the backup software, the Seagate USB tape drive, the OS (Windows ME) or something else.




Can anyone help me out?

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Are either of these your primary boot drive, or are they secondary storage drives? If they are storage drives, do you see the same hang when backing up your primary drive?




To eliminate the Seagate drive from the equation, try backing up to a local file backup set. Configure > Backup Sets > Create New. The storage type will be "File." Save the catalog to your local drive. Run a backup - does the problem go away? If not, try running a diagnostic program on your drive to look for errors.




If the problem goes away when writing to a file backup set, you may have a hardware issue. In which case:




Update your tape drivers www.seagate.com


Clean the heads


Try a new tape


Try a different USB Cable


Make sure ASPI is properly installed (ASPICHK.exe located in the Retrospect program folder. If it is not installed, run ASPIINST.exe in the same folder).


Try the drive on a different computer. If it still fails, you may have a bad drive.




The key is to isolate the problem and work from there.

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