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Skip scheduled executions

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Hi, I'm new and I'd need some help.

Im running Five-day rotation script (normal backup) from Monday to Friday at 9 pm. Some times I need to skip the back up for monday (in hollydays) and i have to do this before 9 pm on Friday (when i go home). I can't relize how to do this. I tried to follow the suggestions from the article "How I defer schedules?" , but if I edit the script and check "Skip scheduled executions" it'd stop de executions for Friday and Monday. It would happen the same if a go to Automate-Preview windows and delete the event.

I tried to modify the schedule for monday (moving the starting date) but then next monday Retrospect asked me for a new media like I skipped the media.


probably this is an elementary question, I'm starting with this. Thanks a lot for any idea you could give me.



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