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Not that happy with retro


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First of all it's not available in any other language than English or is it? (my home language is dutch btw)


My English is decent but retro is using many difficult English words not that I don't know what they mean but with some I am not really 100% what the correct translation is, normally I don't complain about no dutch support though but with this program it's kinda hard to understand some basic concepts. Sure I can make backups from computers and make a script but when facing new problems I am not sure what to do mostly since it's not really user friendly and you don't use a backup program on daily bases.




The interface isn't really user friendly also and it's annoying that when you want to use a more 'advanced' option like backup up outlook you need another serial number which should be a standard thing in my eyes when you bought professional.




It's nice to have scripts but still it's not user friendly and there isn't that many help in the manual which is also not very nice to read and doesn't really help much.




Maybe this program is just not for me but maybe it would be time for retro to make a new fresh version which doesn't need 5 serials, is user friendly and supported in more languages to make it a more popular program?




This way it will never be become really popular I am sure.




(just my opinion ofcourse).

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Charging for advanced options is common across most every backup platform. If you're a small guy or company who doesn't need the options, it works to your advantage not to have them bundled in a higher-priced package. If this is what bothers you, then any other package you look at is going to bother you as well.


If you don't like the interface, don't use the program. That's why they offer a trial, so you can find out for yourself. I find the interface to be nice and refreshing from other programs I've used.


And lastly, working for a software company myself, it's very labor intensive and costly to support multiple languages, and very often the expenses incurred by doing so aren't recoverable in revenue from the user group that speaks said language, especially for a less spoken language like Dutch. A language like Spanish or Chinese would be different.

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