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File kind = Quark?

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Good afternoon. This is my first post here, so I apologize if this has appeared here already; I did a few searches and haven't come up with any appropriate matches.


We're on Mac OS 9, using Retrospect 5, and I'm trying to search for an old file while narrowing my choice to the appropriate file kind (QuarkXPress) -- I've searched for files containing keywords and set the kind to Photoshop, etc., before with no issues. However, I'm not seeing Quark in the list. InDesign shows up there...as does the older FrameMaker, but, uhhh...anyone know if I can search for Quark files? We've been using Retro here at least since I started working here in '99. Is there something else we need to set up in Retro in order for Quark to show up as a file creator? I find it weird that older and newer programs would show up, but not the app that we use more than anything else.


Granted, this isn't a huge issue, but would streamline things a bit.


Thanks for any ideas!

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