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Error 204 - device busy


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I'm using Retrospect Pro v 6.5. My nightly backup is set to Recycle, using Immediate Backup onto HP DDS Tapes.


The backup job consists of 3 volumes on connected PCs and then 2 volumes on the local PC.


The routine backs up the 3 volumes on the connected PCs OK but when it continues onto the local PC the following message is given:


"Trouble writing: "1-backup tape A" (1475641344), error -204 (device busy)"


and the backup ceases.


The backup is always carried out after office hours, when all staff have left the office, so they should be nothing happening to disturb the backup procedure.


The strange thing is that the backup will sometimes work through all 5 volumes without any problems. That said, this problem is happening too many times, making the backup process unreliable.


Any thoughts on how solve this problem gratefully accepted.



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