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No drive letter assigned

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I have Retrospect Single Server 7.0.326 with update on Windows 2003 Server SP1. I am a new user and have installed Retrospect with a Toshiba SD-R5372 using NT Passthrough and haven't made a backup yet.


If I completely close Retrospect and close the tray icon and then launch it the drive is detected and appears in bold. If I then close Retrospect and restart it from the tray icon the program opens but I'm given the "Retrospect cannot use : Toshiba DVD DL, ID 1:1:0 because it does not have a drive letter assigned." message.


The drive does have a letter assigned and if I completely close RS and restart it the device is detected just fine.


In the Operations Log, each time RS is started from scratch and the device is OK the launch entry in the log doesn't say a user. But each time RS is restarted from the icon and the device is not OK the log says "in user account W2KSSRVR\Administrator".


I am remotely operating RS through a Terminal Services console session and the setting for always run RS as the specified user has Run RS in TS Session checked.


Any ideas how I can make the program always recognize my drive or what I have configured wrong?



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