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Using Drive with Multiple Computers


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I have a maxtor one touch II 300 GB drive for personal use, not the business edition for networks. I am using retrospect express 6.0 at my office to back up all the computers in the office and a shared hard drive that acts like a local drive on each computer and is connected through a router. However, I am using my drive to back up several hard drives on different computers. When backing up certain computers, the drive hangs for almost half an hour before it starts to check the check files on the hard drive. It looks like it is trying to do something to the hard drive and just displays the hourglass symbol for almost a half an hour and then it seems to work. Do you think the problem is the fact that that different computers are using the drive? Also, is it okay to use the same backup set with different computers or should I always use the same computer to back up that shared hard drive I spoke of? I have not done a chkdsk, yet but I will to determine if the disk is at fault. What other issues could cause this delay? laugh.gif

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