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No compression on Western Digital


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Hi Guys,

I finally did my first Full-Backup from a Notebook to my brand new external Western Digital. Took more than 5h for 40GB including comparing the files. BUT- the backup was split into 600MB files- that's fine for me- but they sum up to 40GB! So there is absolutely NO compression. The protocol said "0% compression" too?! Of course I checked the "compression" option. Any idea? Couldn't find any useful hints so far- as this is my first backup, we're not talking about the incremental algorithm adding data...

Help highly appriciated..


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ok- I did some more Tests. When backing up just a small Folder of mixed Files I get 67% compression. When backing up > 20GB (WINZIP does 25% compression) I get 3% and when backing up my whole harddisk I get 0%. So it seems compression is working but not compressing very well (maybe to speed up the backup process...)

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Hello Tom.


It appears from the above scenario that compression is working.


Sometimes when you try to compress files that are already compressed it can have an adverse effect and you will get negative compression, which means expansion.


A good way to test this theory is to do a full backup with compression off v.s. on.




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