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backup process too comlicated


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I am quite certain that I am echoing many other users sentiment on this issue. The simplicity with which, one can use the retrospect backup. It looks as though, Dantz is so preoccupied with making the s/w so sophisticated and complex, that they have forgotten that most users (such as myself) use Retrospect to backup our desktop files from the local hard drive to an external one, or CD/DVD media.


Even the “express Backup” does not provide the answer to that perennial axiom, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).


Much like the article written by Jon Jacobs, and published by PCWorld. It aptly addresses this issue.

What needed, is a simple and straight forward steps.

1. Mark those files or drives of which you wish to back up or duplicate.

2. Tell me your Destination Drive.

3. done


Forget those fancy names such as, “volumes”, “fallafels”, & “tomatoes”, or other terms which simply confuse 98% of users, and won't use anyway.


I do realize few users such as network systems, or off site storage facilities, do need these level of backup. They could be provided with ease, w/o compromising the need of majority users for simple and efficient backup or Duplicate file.



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