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Centralized control of Client options


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From the server, I'd like to be able to globally set the options available in the Retrospect Client, especially the settings on the Preferences and Proactive Backup tabs. There have been times when I would have liked to change or reset these options for all the clients on the network.


For example, if we take the backup server offline to do maintenance tasks, I don't really want users to be notified continually that the computer hasn't been backed up -- I want to turn that feature off. Similarly, I may want to modify the length of time the Client waits before triggering that notice. As it is, each user has to modify the settings manually.


Another instance is when I want to be sure that people haven't left the Client option for Proactive Backup parked on "As soon as possible" -- I want everyone to be backed up according to the schedule. Right now, I can work around this only by modifying each Proactive Backup script so that it ignores that setting in the Client.


A setting I'd like to see added -- which I've requested only as a feature in an earlier post, not as a setting -- is one that reads, "Warn me if a backup is running when I try to shut down the computer or log off." (I'm assuming that logging off will also stop the backup execution.) The Client could then offer to lock the (Windows) computer instead. It would be good to see fewer "Error -519 (network communication failed)" alert messages around quitting time.

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