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Write Protected Files


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Back in December,I bought and installed a Sony CD-RW in my Dell,operating with Win ME.Did a backup set of entire hard drive.Changed o/s to Win XP,did`nt liked it reverted to ME.Lost my Outlook Express contacts.Tried to retrieve it from back up set,but,when I put "ANY" of the backup disks in the drive,it won`t read the information inside.Worse yet,it would show the back up disks as empty! I fooled around with retrospect ( the program I used to back up the hard drive ) and it will show that the files are "write protected"!!!! How in the h*** am I supposed to retrieve anything that`s write protected.Does anybody out there knows how to work around this? I suppose it`s a matter of changing a setting,but,not being very saavy with Retrospect,has got me going around like a dog chasing it`s own tail.....HELP!

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