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Finding a burner???

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I own a Que! Fire burner but its inside is a Teac not Plextor, so it's not okay ref OSX and Retrospect5....so darn it, I need to get another!!!! [it works just fine otherwise, by the way]




But it's hard to tell what to get -- the listing (I have checked) isn't overly helpful because the numbers and data shown do not comply with how the various resellers number and show their items = for ex., I thought we'd found a good substitute/addition but then after about 15 minutes of my salesperson checking found out the interior machine wasn't okay ===




the listing is hard to use == how am I supposed to shop when it's a useless list of devices? and out of date = the things that work aren't able to be found any more....




how do I know what to get = I have been delaying backups because of this problem and it's getting serious!!!!

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Dantz goes through a rigorous qualification process with every drive we test. This means that not every drive will be qualified and we can never guarantee that a particular device will be supported. Some drives do not get qualified ever, and some take 6 months to a year to get support. We have no way of telling if a drive will be supported or not at this moment. Drives are qualified based on the internal hardware.




Some vendors, such as QPS, will release a drive with a certain mechanism and then later ship with a different mechanism. The original hardware may have been qualified, however, the new hardware has to go through the same qualification testing as the original hardware. The goal is to ensure reliable backup and reliable restore.




We add device support often though, so do check back with our Hardware Compatibility list.




You mentioned that the drive list is outdated in relation to drives found on store shelves. This is inaccurate. To name only a few that you can easily find on the shelves, and our on the list:




Plextor PlexWriter 16/10/40A


Plextor PlexWriter 24/10/40A


Yamaha CRW2200E


Yamaha CRW3200E




It is true that there are drives on the list that are no longer available for purchase. Dantz lists ALL compatible devices, regardless of whether they are still available for sale, as customers still own and use these drives.

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I went to the Dantz compatibility database and did a 'search' and came up with a list and then went to PriceGrabber and did a search to come up with possibilities == what I found (not the ones you indicated)




I also asked my sales rep. at PC/MacMall and she came up with nothing that matched the data in the Dantz listing = after reviewing the write/rewrite numbers in the database list with the recent Pricegrabber list, it appears to me the Dantz list has 'older' or slower speed CDRWS and no CDRs or USBs that work with Mac =- I don't mind but then it makes it hard to find a qualified CDRW burner to use when 'faster' ones are now in stock and not the 'older' ones




I had my sales rep check the four you listed and she doesn't have any of them.






searching on Dantz database for Mac Qualified, FW, CD-RWS




28 Mac FW CD-RWs


no USB


no CD-R




then checked PriceGrabber for FW, CD-RW under $300 (unknown in some cases whether Mac or Mac and Win)


25 models total




Possible matches on PriceGrabber with Dantz qualified == FW, CD-RW, any mfgr. - three possibilies (3) only


although it is not clear because numbering on the Dantz list does not precisely match the numbering in the PriceGrabber engine




these prices ranged from $160-192.00




Sony, 32x12x8x, FW, Spressa CD-RW/CRX1600LA2 - maybe, not clear because the number is one or two digits off the Dantz number


Yamaha, 20x10x40 CDRW, CRW2200FXZ - maybe, but not exact match


Yamaha, 16x10x40x External FW CDRW, CRW2100FXZ is a match, maybe




LaCies don’t have matching information --


LaCie 24x10x40x FW/USB, LaCie 300160


LaCie 32x10x40x CDRW, USB-FW, no. 300186

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Sorry for any confusion. The drives I listed were ATAPI drives for the PC. As you are using Macintosh IEEE 1394, the following Yamaha drives are available on the shelves.




Yamaha CRW2100FXZ


Yamaha CRW2200FX


Yamaha CRW3200FX




The FX and the FXZ are the same drive model.




I did not do any further research beyond these three drives. It is not possible for us to keep a list of which drives are still on the shelves of any particular vendor. Our goal is to qualify new drives as quickly as possible.




Not all vendors carry the same products. Sometimes it may be necessary to look at more then two vendors to find the products you are looking for. Dantz qualifies drives as quickly as possible. If we encouter a problem in the testing process that requires us to rewrite a driver, that can increase the time it takes for a device to be supported.




If we run into a problem and we need to work with the vendor of the drive to help them implement standard packet-writing commands better and/or to write and release drivers, that can increase the time it takes for a device to be supported.




If a company switches out the mechanism of a drive or changes the specs without telling us, it needs to be requalified from scratch, which means one incarnation of a drive may be supported well before others.




We are continually adding new support for drives. The Hardware Compatibility Search Engine is always the most up to date source of information for supported drives.







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Thanks - see my other postings = I called cust. serv. this morning and finally narrowed down the list to two out of the many possibles...we shall see. thanks again




of course I use a MAC!!!!! and OSX -- but even then the search returned alot of possibles, but not many matches....

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