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fix for -1028, client behind router with activator code conflicts


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I was having problem with a client behind a router. I've had this problem with both mac and windows clients behind various consumer routers (linksys, dlink, belkin...)


I use a Mac running OS X 10.2 v 6.0.204 as the server. The Clients on Mac and PC are both current as of 23Sep2005


The linksys router is set to port forward udp/tcp 497 to the client's internal 192.168... ip

The software firewall on the client also has tcp/udp ports 497 open to the backup servers IP.


If the client is Mac OS X and in the Server Network window you see the client greyed out as "not logged in" then you try to log in to it you'll get the -1028 error client can't be seen and if you try add by address you get duplicate activator code conflict error. with the client listed having the external ip as well as the internal 192.168... ip.



A "fix" I found was to click on a different "type" of computer in the network window, so in the above case I clicked on "Windows", then add by address giving the routers external ip and the mac client was added successfully. Were this a Windows client then I'd click on Macintosh, then add by address.

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