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User logon problem

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We perform a nightly backup from a remote computer offsite. It is set to run under the administrator. The computer is running W2K Pro. However, the owner and his wife both use this computer. When one of them logs off the backup is stopped. Before we upgraded from Retrospect 6.5, when they logged off or on the backup would run un-interrupted. Since upgrading to version 7.0 the problem with the backup being interrupted has started.


I called technical support twice and received two different answers. One indicated that the problem might be with how the user is setup on the backup. The second response was that it was not possible for the program to avoid interruptin in this situation. But it was working under version 6.5.


Any answers?





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It is possible to log off the machine without the backups being interrupted however, there are a couple parts to this question:


1. Retrospect must be running as an admin-level specified user.

Configure > Preferences > Security > Always run Retrospect as the specified user.

Use an admin level username and password. The "Log on to:" is your computer name or

domain (Rt click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name)


2. If Retrospect is in the middle of an IMMEDIATE (user-initiated) backup and the user tries to

log off of the machine, the Retrospect app will cancel the backup and exit the program.


If Retrospect automatically launched due to a SCHEDULED backup and the user logs off, the

backups will continue uninterrupted.

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