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Retrospect requests more media, should NOT need it though

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Mac OSX 10.3.9 Retrospect Server (only backing up server and attached drives-no clients)

Interfaces well with ATTO card see's library writes to library just fine so all hardware seems to be in check

Sony AIT3 tapes in Sony LIB-81


Here's the full story:

It concerns retrospect asking for more media, when what has should be totally sufficient...


Sony AIT LIB-8 Tape Library loaded with 8 cartridges ( AIT3 each 100GB native/ 260GB compressed). Using retroppect. It Should be defaulting to hardware compression according to retrospect yet the check box for software compression stays on after creating an easyscript with a nightly backup.


Backing up Xserve Drives as listed below:

System HD [currently 86.8GB]

3 Internal drives in RAID [currently 339.11GB]

Xraid [currently [678.42GB]



Doing the math here. Using the built-in AIT Tape Library hardware compresssion. I have 260x8=2080GB on that library and 1104.33GB of stuff to backup. Day one of backup goes fine... day two which should just backup changed files asks for more media. This first backup was done on a Saturday morning when nothing should have changed, even so it said that another 160Gb tape would be enough, and I'm thinking... the math isn't right at this point, either hardware compression isn't on or something.


Have you worked with this hardware before?


Is there something I'm missing here? It seems like its not doing the hardware compression. If you've got a moment to spare, please let me know if you've seen this or if there's anyone you can maybe put me in touch with that works with retrospect and tape libraries more.

(researching on my own in the meantime)

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