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Volume Shadow Copy Service error on Windows XP Home SP2


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after installing your latest update for Windows Pro, I am now getting the following error in my Application Log on WIndows XP Home SP2


Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error CreateFileW(\\?\Volume{69d2d598-cbc4-11d9-8f23-806d6172696f},0xc0000000,0x00000003,...). hr = 0x80070005.


It happens at the start of the backup launch. How can I eliminate this error? No errors are in the Retrospect log however.



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I have seen the same error in my Application Log. Source: VSS. EventID: 12289. which occurs 7 seconds (7 seconds every time!!) after Retospect announces the start of a backup in it's Operations Log.


It started happening 5 days ago and I've not applied any updates of any kind around that time.

I am using Retrospect Pro 7.0.301 with Update WinXP Home SP2 (bang up to date).


I've had a little look on the web and found that if one runs MOUNTVOL (no switches) from a command window it will list the volumes on the machine along with the guid for each volume. The volume corresponding to the guid in the error is one of my DVD drives (IDE Secondary Master and the only writer on my machine).

The last bit of the error (hr = 0x80070005) I beleive means "ACCESS DENIED".


I noticed too that there is a disc in the drive and that it's been in the drive since 5 days ago!!

The disc is a closed disc and so it seems that Retrospect is attempting to create a file on a closed disc and Volume Shadow Copy Service returns Access Denied.


I ejected the disc and started a backup to see what would happen and I found that no error was recorded.


So, I have, I think found the cause of the error, but I'd like to know more about what is going on. None of my backups involve the DVD drive in any way so I fail to see why Retrospect would want to have VSS perform a CreateFileW (what is the W?).


With the closed disc in the drive, Retrospect reports (in Configure>Devices) the status of the drive as "incompatible" with Format as (Prerecorded) and Attributes as locked - as one would expect for a closed disc. So if Retrospect knows this already, what is VSS reporting an error for?


The final experiment: Start a backup with an open disc in the drive...

No error, no activity from the DVD Drive, IsoBuster reports nothing written to the DVD.



So does anyone have any idea what VSS is doing at the start of a backup that would cause it to report an error when a non-writable disc is present in a backup device that is not in use for that backup?


I'd love to know if anyone can reproduce this error, particularly you bgarrant....

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I just got my copy of retrospect express 7.5 from the western digital class action settlement. I was pretty happy with that because i had been using a copy of 5.5 from an old hard drive I got a while back, and it had performance issues I was expecting 7.5 to correct.


The first script I set up crashed my machine, and checking event viewer I saw 2 instances of event id 12289 reverencing 2 seperate volumes (presumably the one on the host and remote machines).


I went back and ran the script again after installing the windows hotfix KB918334 thinking that might help, but of course it didn't. I was thinking this problem was specific to people in an kerberos environment, but looking around on the web this forum is the top site listed in google, and all 8 of the other sites listed don't apply.


I'm assuming most people here having the issue are not in a kerberos environment, so I'm pretty sure that's not it.


I went back and made sure that all my optical drives had no media, even went so far as to eject all of my virtual drives as well.


Only thing I did notice was that once I switched from NT Passthrough on the script to ASPI, I went from getting 2 events to only 1.


MOUNTVOL shows that the error is being generated from my C: drive of all things. This would explain the system crash, because I actually heard my drive recycle power after 10 minutes into the backup script when it died.


My C: drive is NOT in the script either, it's my D: drive and a remote directory that's involved, but Retrospect probably sees my C: as a scsi volume since it is on an SATA RAID1 array. When scanning with NT Passthrough it sees the drives as single devices, so I'm not sure if that's relevant.

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