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Screen not updated during scheduled backup


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I have a problem that occurs only during scheduled backups (I do a daily to DVD+R), although the task runs, the "Retrospect display" (i.e. what you see when the program is restored or maximized from the task bar to the screen) does not update/display during the scheduled backup. I can see the "space" which would contain the windows, menus, etc. - but nothing is displayed. While this is not usually a problem when everything goes well - when the task requires a new DVD for the set or has errors during the backup - I cannot see the dialog boxes and therefore cannot respond to them.


Most times I can guess that it just wants another DVD (because it beeps occasionally), I feed it a new one and all is well. But other times there are errors or issues that I can only find out about by rebooting and looking at the Retrospect log afterwards (i.e., feeding it a new DVD does not seem to "satisfy" the task and it is probably presenting a different dialog box that I cannot see). It's like flying blind, not being able to see the Retrospect screen and dialog boxes. I searched the forums, but was unable to find a similar issue.


I am pleased with the software but am just frustrated when this happens. It never happens with Immediate Backups or when the program is already up when a scheduled backup starts to run. I upgraded to the latest (Retrospect 7, 6/15/05) with the hopes that this problem would go away, but it did not. One less than optimal solution is to always leave the program running on the desktop, but that seems inelegant.


I have an ATI Radeon All-in-wonder 9600 video card and the rest of my machine is pretty much vanilla.


Any thoughts on this issue would be most appreciated.





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Hi Beah,


Make sure that the Retrospect Services (Retrospect Helper and Retrospect Launcher) have the "Allow service to interact with desktop" option enabled. You can set this option in the Log On tab of the service property page.




-- Ian

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