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Well, everything so far seems to be running fine with the setup and config of Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.0. We are experiencing a weird one here. Hope someone can help. It seems that when we go to shut down our Mac G4/800 with 9.2.2, and click on the "Launch" button on the Retrospect screen that makes us aware that there is a scheduled backup: the next time we boot the Mac, we get the error that the computer did not shut down properly and check disk will run to make sure.... yada yada yada, I'm sure you know the rest.




I know how to turn this off within the Mac OS but is there a reason why this is happening?!?







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I have seen this too. It may have something to do with the alert coming up interrupting shut down. I recommend that you disable the "Launch option at Shut Down" in preferences, as this isn't all that useful of a feature anyway.




Good luck.

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