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Remove Retrospect ExpressHD from Startup


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I started using retrospect 6.0 for my backups. I have disabled Retrospect ExpressHD from startup by using msconfig.


I looked into Retrospect ExpressHD to see if there were an 'Options' configuration but couldn't locate one.


Is there another way to remove it from startup and task tray without doing an uninstall?

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You can remove it from the msconfig startup list by using Spybot.


If you open Spybot Search&Destroy, Mode (Advanced), Tools (Bottom left), System Startup.

Click on the button with double blue arrows to the right to get info on some of the Startup programs on your computer.

Should you decide that you don't need a specific program, disable it first by unticking the checkbox in front of it until you have verified that you don't need it by rebooting and trying any applications possibly depending on it.

Unticked programs are removed from the MSConfig\Startup list. Once you have verified that the program is not needed, it can be deleted from your computer.

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