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trouble using retrospect express


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I use Retrospect Express HD with XP and have just gone through hell with Symantec trying to get NIS 2005 to work with Live Update - it wouldn't update the AV or 3 other components. Symantec was unable to solve the problem - it was either junk Retrospect or junk NIS2005. I ended up junking NIS 2005 and reverted to NIS 2003, which works happily with Retrospect. Don't know if the same applies to WinME, but I expect it does. If you are using NIS or NAV 2005, I don't think there is a solution. If there is, I'd love to hear about it. Symantec had me uninstall and reinstall NIS2005 12 times without success and wanted me to do it again before I cried "enough!"

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