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Problem Seeing Client


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I am using Retrospect 6.0.204 on Mac OS 10.3.8 and have had constant problems getting it to see my laptop. Retrospect is running on my G5 desktop and set to back up the laptop and my iMac. It sees the iMac without any problems and backups work fine. It appears that my wireless router has changed the IP address of the laptop but Retrospect is still trying to find it at the old IP address. I have deleted the laptop from the Backup Client Database with the intention of adding it back at the new address. But I can not get it back in the database. I know now how to set my router to keep the IP address the same for this computer, just need help getting it back so that Retrospect can see it. It is running on the network, I can see it from the other computers, file sharing is on, firewall is off.

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