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WIN 2000 Stand By Mode

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I have installed Retrospect Express 5.6 on my IBM ThinkPad R30 notebook computer -- WIN 2000 Professional is the operating system. I have set up Retrospect scripts that create a daily backup of data files. The backup is written to the internal CD-RW drive in the notebook. I have noticed that if I have a back-up CD present when I enter Stand By mode, the computer will hang when I resume operations. (I have set the computer to enter Stand By when I close the laptop. When I reopen the laptop, it gives me the prompt -- as usual -- to press Control-Alt-Delete to access the login screen. When a CD is present in the drive, the individual user login screen will not appear. The computer freezes at this point and must be powered off by the switch.) I have confirmed that a regularly formatted data CD (not a Retrospect-formatted dataset) will also cause this problem if it is present in the drive when entering Stand By. If I remove CDs from the drive before Stand By, the resume operation occurs properly. I suspect this is being caused by some type of interference between the Retrospect scheduling utility and the Window 2000 operating system. HOWEVER, things I have NOT yet tried: I haven't deleted my Retrospect scripts -- so that nothing is present for Retrospect to run. I also have NOT uninstalled Retrospect to confirm that this "feature" isn't present in WIN 2000 itself.




If anyone has seen this and found a work around, I would appreciate knowing the solution. (I can obviously set the laptop so it can't enter Stand By mode. I can also operationally make sure the CD isn't present when entering this mode. I would appreciate any others.) If this is a bona fide issue with Retrospect, I hope it gets addressed in a future patch and/or upgrade.







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