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Why Does Retrospect Access the Internet? Why does it use so much RAM?


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Why does Retrospect Express need to access the Internet? When I block it, Retrospect ends up using 12% of the CPU - when it should be sitting idle.


After I set my firewall to allow Retrospect to access the Internet, it uses 0% mostly, but pops up to 2% occasionally. WHY?? It should be sitting idle! And it's taking up 41MB of system memory. WHY??? I have Maxtor OneTouch already running in the background waiting for me to press a button (using only 5MB of RAM and 0% CPU). There's no reason for Retrospect to even be running, let alone taking up 41MB of RAM.



Other Bugs and annoyances:


1. I tried to do a backup of many directories but it failed. The log showed many errors due to the filepaths being too long.


First, there's no reason to stop backing up my important files because it runs into a bunch of random long filenames in the temporary internet files directory. It should do the full backup and just tell me what random files it failed to duplicate.


Second, the filepaths become too long because Retrospect puts everything into "G:\Retrospect Duplicates\Backup of ©\". I should be given an option of shortening these needlessly long directory names. "G:\C\" would work just fine.



2. I have RetrospectExpress HD 1.0.196. Is there a reason why it's not listed on the product version page? http://www.dantz.com/en/support/versions.dtml Has it been discontinued already?



3. Clicking on About Retrospect HD in the system tray launches a window that shows the version number. If that window becomes hidden and you click on About Retrospect HD again, nothing happens. The window stays hidden. The window SHOULD jump to the front.



4. Clicking on the link in the About Retrospect HD window launches Internet Explorer instead of my default browser. And it launches a webpage for Retrospect 7. But the link said "Retrospect Express HD." Are they the same product??? Or is this a confusing attempt to get me to upgrade?

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