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End User Quick Reference

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Granted I haven't spent a awful long time searching but I wish Retrospect would produce an end user quick reference that I could print out for my client users to preclude some of the common questions that arise. Currently, I have to one-on-one with each user I install the software for and many times get interrupted with questions during the day. (Not that I mind questions, but they really could be answered with documentation)


Some questions I am asked frequently:


  • I'm working and don't like the backup/defer prompt. How do I schedule...?

  • How do I keep my personal files from getting backed up? (private files/folders)

  • What is this thing you're installing? What does it do? (a brief description of proactive backups would be nice)

  • I let it backup when I'm working but it really slows down my machine. What can be done about this? (give more priority to user)

  • What's this dialog about "not getting backed up in X days"?


I'm sure others have heard different questions too. Once again, looking for something professional looking and brief for an end user that answers the common questions.


Ben Menking

IT Security Consulting

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