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Recycle backup and VXA

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Once a week I make an automatic recycle backup. Since I use retrospect backup 5 it the backup seems to start at the end of the previous backup and I get a message to insert a new tape. In the log I get a sense error:


Additional error information for device "Ecrix VXA DC" [2:11],


Sense > f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 18 00 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 00 00 3e 00 00 08 08 1c fa d6


(ECRIX |VXA-1 |2737)


Trouble writing: “1-Backup Set A” (209715200), error 100 (device rejected command).




Should I go back to 4.3 or is there a solution?




Mac 9600/300


Adaptec 2940UW


OS 9.1


Ecrix VXA (external)




Also I have scheduled a copy of the subvolume with the catalogs 15 minutes after the scheduled time for an incremental backup. If I startup my computer after the scheduled time retrospects starts copying the catalogs and then performs an incremental backup instead of starting with the incremental backup and then copying the catalogs. What can I do to change this?





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>Is the error 100 reproducible?


If you mean does it happen all the time, the answer is yes. I now discovered that if I erase (short erase) the tape from the devices tab, the recycle backup works as normal. So the problem has something to do with erasing the tape before making the backup. For making an incremental backup the tape will not be erased but merely added to. There are no problems with making an incremental backup.




>If you revert to 4.3 does it go away?




I do not have the time right now to reinstall 4.3. To reinstall 4.3 I have to erase version 5 and install from the disk and updating to the last 4.3 version, which is actually what I had before upgrading. Since I had no problems with this version I expect no problems when I reinstall. I'll have to use this workaround until a bugfix comes up.





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