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Can't consistently exclude "System Volume Information"


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I am testing R7 (free evaluation download) on a Windows Small Business Server 2003 installation on a Dell PowerEdge system. We are trying to run Incremental backups to a CD-RW drive internal to the PowerEdge server. This should amount to 20 - 30 megabytes per day Maximum, so many days should fit on one CD-RW disk. Eventually we will probably go to a tape drive, but for now we want to see if this works as expected. So far, it doesn't


I saved a Baseline file selection set to CDs (nine of them) - which appears to be OK. Then I set a script to run an incremental backup against that selection set -- in theory it should only back up files in the set which have changed. And mostly, that is what it does - when tested right after making the baseline backup, R7 only took new (TEST) files.


However, on an overnight run it tried to back up the entire System Volume Information folder which totals 300 megabytes. I aborted that run and went into the selector and manually de-selected (un-checked) the SVI folder -- same thing happened again.


So I let it run - including the SVI folder - only 4 megabytes of actual files had changed, so almost everything in the backup was the SVI. I researched SVI and found that it is used by the OS to save restore points, so I can't see any reason to include it in the backup. However, un-checking it in the selector pane does NOT exclude it.


Also, within that SVI folder, only one new file was created, of about 6 megabytes. Now I could understand R7 backing up the NEW file, but why does it insist on taking the entire FOLDER every time?


This is a problem for us, as it seems senseless to backup the same 300 megabytes of files everytime - not to mention filling our CDs much faster than we want. At that rate we would need to insert a new CD every night before leaving, lest the disk fill up and abort the backup.


Any help will be appreciated.


Roy J. Gromlich

Renaissance Technologies Inc.

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