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Slow USB Travan Drive

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I recently purchased a Seagate 20Gb Travan drive (USB) - having been tempted by the "up to 80Mb per minute" transfer rate. I have done some testing and got only 15Mb per minute for a 7Gb backup. Suffice to say it took a looooong time to do the write and verify. Are there any operational parameters that may impact transfer rate, or is this a more typical speed with the 80 being an absolute maximum?




TIA for any comments.




I am running Win98, Retrospect, and have a number of other (inactive during backup, except the mouse) USB devices connected.





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The speed of your backup can be affected by many components: Processor speed, the type of data being backed up, the backup device, the media, and the connection between the backup device and the computer.




A manufacturer is always going to list best case scenario. However, there is a big difference between 80 meg/min and 15/meg a minute. I would expect a fast transfer then that.




Make sure you have the most up to date drivers from Seagate (www.seagate.com)


If you are running Virus Software, disable it for the backup


Make sure all programs are closed


If the drive is plugged into a USB Hub, try plugging it directly into the computer


Try different tapes


Clean the tape heads


Use a different USB Cable


Try the backup on a different computer




The key is to isolate the variable that is causing your bottleneck and work from there.

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