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Version 5.0 network performance

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I am running Workgroup Version 5.0 on a Mac OS9.1 server with both OS9.1 and OSX clients. Prior to this I was running Version 4.3 before upgrading some clients to OSX. Under 4.3 my typical throughput on my 100BaseT network when backing up a client was around 120 - 150MB/minute.




Since the upgrade, I am seeing the same network performance when backing up my one OS9.1 client, but much degraded performance on all OSX clients (typically 40MB/Minute). As the client volumes are much larger in size and file count since the upgrade to OSX, this means I have to wait many hours for an initial backup.




Can anyone enlighten me on why this is so and what I can do to improve the throughput? There is no other traffic running on my network during the backup sessions.





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