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134MB/min :( [if im lucky]

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Ok - I have an LTO-2 Dell 122T autoloader.




I turned off snapshot creations.


the LTO-2 and autoloader devices are disabled in the device manager. (the correct driver for tape drive is installed, but disabled.. the medium changer driver was never installed - and is disabled as well)




Adaptec 29160LP - Ultra 160 SCSI card.




UPDATE: I've used both ASPI now and NT passthrough - and get the same results... ASPI seems a little bit slower.




and im getting 134MB/min .... At this rate it will take 8 days to do the backup....




9 clients - all linux using the client utility.




Any ideas?

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Is it the SCSI card? It's a celeron 2.5Ghz proc with 1.2GB of memory -- the proc is only at 12-15% usage at any given time....


The SCSI card is 160MB/sec - yet the auto-negotiate brings it down to 40 in the BIOS -- so that can't be the bottleneck...


When I go to Configure->Clients and do a refresh, it looks as though i should be getting 12MB/sec through the ethernet connection to the redhat clients... So unless that thing is lying, that can't be the bottleneck..


I'm pretty sure i was getting 400MB/min when i was using an SDLT drive... but the LTO-2 is supposed to be faster.... so anybody know whats going on??



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I too was having a similar issue with the default driver, although I am using a Sony AIT-3 drive. But even when I updated the drivers I was still getting 90-125MB/min. Awhile later I found that the drive was having problems and it was RMA'ed. I spoke with an Engineer at Sony and apparently it is fairly common for Adaptec 29160 cards (what they use in their facility) to slow down as they approach death. They mentioned that they should preform at the speeds that you mentioned getting, but when the cards hit 130MB/min then they look into RMA'ing the card or replacing it.


Since my 29160 didn't work well no matter what the circumstance I tried my backup card (a 45 dollar LSI that did Ultra 160) and it was decent for the price, but the Atto UL4S that was recommended by the folks at Dantz tech support has been worth the price (it is about the same as an Adaptec 29160) as we find that on some of our newer machines we now get 850MB/min, and even the old crappy machines still enjoy 350-500MB/min.


When I started as backup operator I didn't know near enough about how finicky Adaptec cards are (we also use a few 3210S models in other machines, but not for backup purposes). Needless to say, I've learned the hard way about SCSI device performance.

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