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Dramatic slowdown when moving to client backup

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I have Retrospect 6 installed on an Apple Xserve (dual 1.33 GHZ processors). I also back up a second Xserve (dual 1.0 GHZ processors) over the network (Retrospect Client). Both servers are running 10.2.8. The backup device I'm using is a Exabyte VXA-2 1U 1x10 packetloader. This combination had worked extremely well until March 11 when our network went down due to a switch failure.


Now, the host server backs up at a speed of about 330 megabytes a minute. When Retrospect moves to the server running Retrospect Client, the speed drops to 10 megabytes a minute. Because of this, I've removed the second server from the backup script until I can solve this problem.


Any ideas what might cause this?



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Have you looked at the switch to see if the lights are "blinking" a network conflict?


I think I have seem this caused by a Duplex mismatch. Maybe the switch is forcing one of the Xserve's to be half-duplex and the other to be full-duplex?


Good Luck,


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Retrospect finds clients on the network via UDP. AppleTalk support was removed from the client software starting at version 5 (under both OS 9 and OS X). So it's not that.


Since it worked originally and you made no changes to your Retrospect configurations (any that you've noted, at least) it's likey not a Retrospect configuration issue.


So the question becomes, what else changed besides the network hardware?

- Are all your addresses the same as before the new switch?

- Are both XServes on the same subnet?

- Have both maches been restarted?

- Have you tried forgetting and then re-adding the Client?



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