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Event handler not being called

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We have done everything we believe is right from the manual and online resources but the Event Handler in our version of Retrospect 6.0 Workgroup for MacOS X is NOT being called.


We want to put some of our own AppleScript code into the event handler for when Retrospect quits but it is NOT running, and it is NOT being called by the application, even when the new script is a simple dialog box.


We are running MacOS 10.3.8, Applescript 1.9.3, script editor 2.0. Our Retrospect version is the latest update of 6.0 cleanly installed from CD (not an upgrade).

Please help, it is critical we get this feature working.

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We seem to have solved our own problem.


It seems Retrospect does not like its event handler to have a file extension.


Script Editor 2.0 does not allows saving files without an extension (.app, .scpt) so in order to add scripts to the event handler you must:

1. Add the code you need.

2. Save the script as a standard application.

3. Go into Finder and remove the .app file extension.


Retrospect programmers PLEASE take note! OS9 was extensionless, OS X is NOT. Please make an exception with regard to the event handler or include some more documentation on the subject.



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