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Problems burning a disaster recovery CD

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Anybody had experience with Nero CD burner program? Their help files and FAQs are no help and their website can't answer my problem, and their tech support is non-existant, so hoping somebody her may help.


I am using Retrospect 6.5 with a Maxtor external HDD, Nero 5.5 CD, a Win98SE computer, 512 RAM, 80 gb HDD and a CD-RW drive.


I am able to burn CDs just transferring files with no problem, but:


I tried to burn a bootable CD and include the Disaster Recovery file ("Restore Drive C.iso"). It will copy the boot files from the system floppy disk, but even though I use the ADD to select the .iso file, it only burns the boot files, not the recovery file.


I tried to add it later, but it will only proceed if it erases everything including the boot files, then it copies the recovery file but NOT the boot files.


I can either copy the .iso file I need, or make a bootable CD, but not both.



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OK, thanks, your clue led me to figure it out, despite the fact that neither Dantz nor Nero help files gave any explanation.


When Retrospect's Wizzard starts and I pick the backup set, etc I want, it then saves a file to My Documents named "Restore Drive C.iso" which is supposed to go to a CD. Some research told me this is a "9660 format image file," whatever that is! After trying a regular burn to copy this file, as I said, it did not work.


Going back to Nero, I finally noticed on the menu of choices, "Disk Image or Saved Projects." When I tried that and picked the .iso file above, sure enough it copied it and somehow that made it a bootable disk. Why Dantz does not explain this is beyond me, except perhaps there are so many CD burner programs and they are all different.


Anyhow, the Disaster Recovery CD now works and is up-to-date with my latest backup.


Thanks again for your suggestions.

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