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Ret. 5 on OS X does and doesn't see media

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For the record, I'm using Retrospect 5 Final on OS X 10.1.4 Server on a B&W G3. The affected drives are an Onstream FW-30 Firewire tape drive and an APS SCSI tape drive of uncertain model (it reads DDS3 tapes). The SCSI card is the standard Adaptec one.




This problem did not occur on the preview version, only on the final version of Retrospect 5.




The problem is that for both drives, Retrospect can "see" the tape in the drive when I'm in the Devices window under the Configure tab, and you can erase, rename, retension, etc. However, when I run a script or try to backup or copy any file to the drive, I get a window asking me to insert some media, as Retrospect cannot find any media in the drive. I eject the tape, reinsert, try a different tape - no help. The fact that this happens with two drives from different manufacturers using different media through different interfaces suggests to me that it's not a problem with the drives.




Anybody have any ideas on this one?

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could you be so kind as to post the SPECIFIC information regarding your hardware and software configuration?




Phrases such as "Retrospect 5 Final" and "the standard Adaptec one" couldn't be more vague.




Retrospect has a version number that you can find when you do "About Retrospect" from the Retrospect menu.




The Adaptec SCSI card has a model number (and probably a firmware version too) that you can find from the Apple System Profiler utility.




The "SCSI tape drive of uncertain model" can be explicitly identified in the Configure->Devices->Device Status window of Retrospect.




Nobody can help if we don't have all the facts.





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Retrospect v 5.0.205


The tape drive is a Sony SDT-9000 using the Sony DAT DDS-DC driver v4.08


I'm not sure how to interpret the ASP readout on the SCSI card. It says




SCSI card


Card type: scsi


Card name: ADPT,2930CU


Card model: ADPT,1686806-04


Card ROM #: 4.0


Card revision: 3


Card vendor ID: 9004


Ethernet address:




Sorry for previous vagueness; didn't have access to the machine at the time.







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The built-in SCSI card on the beige G3 is unsupported under OS X.




You also need to be sure to connect the drive to a supported card with the same pin configuration. Unfortunately, OS X doesn't have the same leniency as OS 9 when it comes to SCSI.

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