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"Windows Powered" NAS device crashing during backup


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I'm running the v7 Retrospect agent on a Dell PowerVault 770N NAS device, trying to backup a couple hundred Gb of data. This particular host is "Windows Powered," meaning the OS is non-standard, modified by Dell to optimize filesharing performance on the PowerVault system.


Several other Windows servers (running 2003) backup properly, but this one crashes after Retro backs up ~4400 files. Turning off the Retrospect agent and backing up using the UNC network path works fine (other than a handful of inaccessible file issues). The event log shows a bugcheck.


Where should I start looking? Are there any known issues with Retrospect and "Windows Powered" versions of Windows?


I purchased ASM, and I've contacted Euro support via email, but they basically gave me an "RTFM" response--considerably less than helpful--and U.S. support kept me on hold so long that my IP phone finally dropped connection. Grumble.

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