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Can the new Retrospect pro 7 schedule more than a daily backup?

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Thanks for your reply


I'll have a better look, is it in the manual how to do this ??

I could only see that you can tick off days and what time to



Any help on this would be great as i have been using

Symantec Live State Recovery 3 desktop and it is a lot

different to dantz, the problem is that it wants to do a full

backup every week and i dont so thats why i want

this to work.


Thanks again this give me a bit of hope just need

a bit more info.



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Sounds like you're looking at the "Day of the week" schedule (radio button). Try the Repeating interval instead.


BTW, are you sure you *really* want/need to back up every hour? Retrospect can be kind of slow, esp. if you're running snapshots (may not finish that in an hour). Would some sort of real-time mirror work for the immediate data, with Retro then running ever 12 hours or less?

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> Will it take that long if it's only incremental backing up ??


Unfortunately the time to run a snapshot isn't related to running an "incremental" (Normal) backup vs. full (Recycle) backup--it's just based on the total number of files on the HD.


Try running any backup and see how long it takes for the whole thing, including the snapshot, and then you can get an idea of how long to need to leave between backups. Note that occasional recycles will take much longer than your frequent normal backups (unless you're running Disk backups with grooming and/or never recycle) so you might want to save recycles for an occasional 2AM run.

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