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Update the Disaster Recovery Disc???


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I have Retrospect 6.5 & do weekly immediate backups to my Maxtor external hard drive, alternating between 3 backup sets. I am in the process of doing recycle backups for the first time & renewing my Disaster Recovery cd's as I go along.

Is there a way to update the iso file on the cd instead of erasing it & starting again as I have been doing? Can anybody help here?

I have been fortunate enough to get error-free backups every time since I installed Retrospect 6 months ago but have found that the Maxtor could do with a defrag every 5 weeks or so as there are lots of fragmented files (many more than on my internal drive). Is this normal for an external drive?

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Although Dantz denies the problem, ever since an RDU that was issued sometime in Nov/Dec 2003, defragmentation of the backup set has been awful.


When one does a Recycle backup, other things being equal, the new recycled backup set should suffer from little, or no fragmentation, but the recycled backup set is almost entirely fragmented.


I raised this issue some time ago, dantz denies the problem.


Unless you've changed the ;ogical drive setup, or backup devices, as far as I know, there's no reason to recreate the DR CD each time you do a recycle backup. You can choose the backup set to be used during a DR.

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