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Schedule Backs Every 10 Mins, is that possible?

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Do you really need to backup to tape that frequently?


I'd suggest getting a second hard drive and using mirroring, or a Folder Actions script, to ensure that the data you capture during the day is copied onto the backup drive. Then you could use Retrospect to move the data onto archival storage once a day or so.


This solution would be a lot faster and probably interfere less with your workflow.


If you really want to use Retrospect, though, you can do this, though it takes a long time (as you may have found). You can set up a script schedule to repeat at, say, 8:00 AM every day. Then add another schedule to the same script to repeat at 8:10. And at 8:20. And ... well, OK, this isn't really reasonable to set up an every-10-minute schedule, but perhaps for an every-hour schedule if you really need that.


But again, mirroring and/or Folder Actions probably works better for very short time intervals. There are some sample Folder Action scripts in /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts which you could probably modify to your needs.

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