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Retrospect 5 [Workgroup/20] refuses to backup a local drive, i.e., G3 PISMO powerbook, to an external Firewire drive. Two different approaches have failed: 1. I created a file backup set to back up the entire 3.5 gig. local drive and the progress window displayed this msg, "Execution Incomplete" as the log stated that I "Can't add that much data to backup set. The limit is 2.0 G." I did successfully, however, save backup set information to the backup FW drive.




I thought I recall reading that RS could handle larger file sizes, i.e., 2gigs or larger. Am I mistaken?




2. After failing to initiate a backup with the previous method I thought I had resolution to this annoying problem with Retrospect, as I discovered that I could initiate a "backup" by choosing Immediate>Duplicate.




Yet, after a short time, RS terminated the backup with the following msg. From the Log: - 5/2/2002 11:03:29 PM: Copying Aqua…


Can't write file “cores”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/cores”.


Can't write file “etc”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/etc”.


Can't write file “mach”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/mach”.


Can't write file “tmp”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/tmp”.


Can't write file “var”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/var”.


Can't write file “Example Scripts”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/Applications/AppleScript/Example Scripts”.


Can't write file “DVDPlayback”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/Applications/DVD Player.app/Contents/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/DVDPlayback”.


Can't write file “Resources”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/Applications/DVD Player.app/Contents/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Resources”.


Can't write file “Current”, error -1 (unknown), path: “Aqua/Applications/DVD Player.app/Contents/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/Current”.


Can't write file “InternetConnect.scriptTerminology”, error -37 (invalid name), path: “Aqua/Applications/Internet Connect.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InternetConnect.scriptTerminology”.


Trouble writing files, error -37 (invalid name).


5/2/2002 11:17:15 PM: Execution incomplete.


Remaining: 46409 files, 3.6 GB


Completed: 8502 files, 439.5 MB


Performance: 40.1 MB/minute


Duration: 00:13:46 (00:02:50 idle/loading/preparing)




Any suggestions on successfully backing up with BOTH methods; shouldn't I be able to initiate a backup using either method? Thanks for help with this annoying, frustrating experience,



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Retrospect 5.0 can back up more than 2 GB to an external drive as long as the drive is directly connected to the computer, you are running OS 9 or later and the drive to which you are saving the set is formatted as HFS Extended.




Regarding the other errors, if you try a backup do they persist? Are you duplicating to a freshly formatted drive?

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