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Volumes in Duplicate


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OS is XP Home Edition, SP2

Retrospect is Express 6.0.222 OEM with downloaded driver 3.9.106

Drive is Maxtor 80 GB USB


I have 14 folders with important information that I want to preserve. If I use Maxtor OneTouch in Backup mode, I can pre-select all 14 and the backup takes place OK fully automatically, but I can't see the individual files in the backup set. So I want to make a Maxtor OneTouch script for Duplicate. But then I can't select more than one folder for the source, even though the various Help topics say that you can select multiple volumes by the normal Shift and Click or Control and Click. The only way I have found to Duplicate all 14 folders, is to do them manually and individually.


The only way I have found to do them using the OneTouch button is to Duplicate the whole of my C: drive. Although only the changed files are duplicated, it takes over 5 minutes for Retrospect to work out which ones need to be done.


So, (1) am I doing something wrong?

(2) is there a Retrospect version which will do what I want?


Many thanks for any replies.

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Yes with some of them, but it is not that easy with all of them. For example, I have set the PC up for multiple users, and we each have our own set of My Documents. It doesn't work if you put them all together. Similarly, the version of Microsoft Money that I am using for Home Accounts stores its .mny files in the root folder of Money itself. I also want to back up our e-mails in Outlook Express, and these are .dbx files buried deep within Documents and Settings, one for each user.


Thanks for the idea though! In fact, I have now settled for the Backup method, now that I have found a way of extracting single files from the encoded way Retrospect stores them.



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