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I'm trying to configure Retrospect to email me with Backup results. I've Configured Preferences Notification Email and entered my email parameters. Now, according to the Online Help, I need to place an entry in the XP Scheduler. The instructions are straight forward with one critical exception. I'm instructed to enter the following commands in the RUN field:


cmd /c RetroEventHandler.bat



My question is, how do I enter a two line command?





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I'm still looking, hoping, for help on how to generate Retrospect email notifications of completed tasks. I'd like Retrospect to email me when it completes a successful backup operation, or when it encounters a problem during backup. I've already gone through Configure | Preferences | Email, but that didn't work. I also read the online Help documentation, which discusses the topics outlined in my first append. Obviously, there's a disconnect between the program and Help screens.


Interestingly, I installed Retrospect v7.0 on my friend's machine and enabled email notification ONLY via the Configure | Preferences approach. On his machine, he receives notifications of both successful and unsuccessful Retrospect events.


I'm curious as to why the manual and Help facilities appear to contradict one another; how to enter the two-line Help scenario; and why I can't get my v6.5 to work at all.

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