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R7 disk BU sets constantly busy


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Over the last couple of days I've implemented two things, so I'm not sure what's caused this, but all 4 of my disk backup sets report being busy, and in use by another process, when there's no other processes running. I implemented grooming and I've started adding laptop clients to a Progressive backup.


I suspect that the polling and dealing with the progressive clients is causing the sets to remain busy, but I'll have to test to provide evidence.


The biggest drag is that the only way I've found to un-busy the sets is to recatalog from the disks, which takes a long time and removes the sets from all the scripts they're in. It would be nice to know a better way to make sets unbusy while resolving the reason they're being left in a busy state in the first place.


R7 multi on W2K3 latest versions.


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