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Renaming Directories with Retrospect Express HD for Windows(Maxtor One Touch II External Drive)


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I have just purchased a Maxtor One Touch External Had Disk Drive

Retrospect Express HD for Windows comes bundled with the Maxtor Hard Drive




I installed my Maxtor External Drive successfully.


I then copied a lot of files from my Computer Hard Drive across to the

Maxtor External Drive (i.e. from C Drive to external F Drive) (and I deleted the same files from my Computer Hard Drive - unfortunately). These were mainly Music and Photo files.


So Far so Good!


I then made a mistake: I renamed the Directory on the Maxtor External F Drive -overwriting the default Diectory name


When I next restarted my Computer it would not recognise the Maxtor External Hard

Drive at all and therefore I cannot access the External Maxtor Drive (F/ Drive) and I

cannot access any of these files

So my Maxtor External Drive is full of files which I cannot access or get at.


Does anyone know of a program which can allow me to get into the directories and rename them back or is there any other solution without reformatting )and therefore losing all these files!)


I read in the Retrospect documentation subsequently that one should not rename the



I already contacted EMCDantz European support - who had no clue .


Can someone help me please?


Many Many Thanks


John Connolly



Retrospect Details

Retrospect Express HD for Windows Version 1.0.196


PC Details



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what exactly did you rename ?

the name of the harddisk ( volumename ) or the name of what directory ?

what default directory do you mean ?


After installation and formatting your drive ( i.e. with NTFS ) there arev only hidden directories RECYCLER and SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION, which you cannot rename.


If you do Duplicates with Retrospect Express HD then you will get an directory RETROSPECT DUPLICATES and if you do a Backup you will get an directory RETROSPECT RESTORE POINTS.


if you rename one of this directories then you can probably not restore your files with Express HD, but you MUST see the directory ( with the new name ) and the files in this directory in your WindowsExplorer !



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Hello Jojo

Thank you for coming back


Ok - I set up the Maxtor External Drive as Drive F

As far as I remember there was a Directory called something like

F\Retrospect Backup Directory (something like this - I cannot remember now exactly - something like this)

I swear - I am not smart enough to create this myself; this was created automatically on installation and formatting


I then copied ALL my Music files into this Directory and thinking I was smart - I renamed it to My Music


This is when it all went wrong; my Windows Explorer does not recognise the External Drive anymore. I had to plug out the External Drive as my PC is working away trying to find it without success and it tends to take over the PC in doing this. When I disconnect the External Drive - the PC stops looking for it and behaves normally again


Does this make any sense?

So I cannot see the F drive or the external drive at all


Many Thanks for any feedback

Really appreciate it


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I'm having a similar problem. My Express HD was working fine, doing it's normal daily backups. I don't know why, but I got the urge to change the drive name to "Backup" from whatever is was previously set at from the factory.


Now, my backups don't work. When I try to execute a manual backup, I get a message stating "Cannot start the operation because the disk to which files are being copied is not available". Phooey! I can copy to and from fine from Windows Explorer.


If I go through the setup, It allows me to pick the Maxtor drive and select all available backups to this drive. When I get to the end, it says "Can't save setup, check the selected drive to make sure there is enough free space". I'd say that 200GB is enough free space!


I'd rename it back if I knew what it was before.


Oh yea, multiple uninstalls\reinstalls of the Dantz software and One Touch 2 drive did absolutely nothing.




I really hope that whoever owns this thread doesn't see this as Hijacking. They are very similar problems, it seems.



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