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Evaluating Retrospect 7 Multi-Server


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I've just installed Retrospect 7 Multi-server on a Win2k SP3 machine and get the following error every night:


Can't use Open File Backup option for OS (C:), error -3047 (disk inactivity threshold not met)


This error is occuring when the actual Retrospect server is being backed up. It is not occurring on our SBS2k3 server or the workstations. I can't find anywhere in the options to set a threshold and I'm not sure how to resolve this issue. Any suggestions?


Thank you,

Heather Masterson

dbridge, inc

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Heather, I had to lower the threshold down to 1000 (1 sec.) in order to get Open File backups to run on a server client running NT 4. Since I don't have any databases that might be caching prior to writing to disk, I don't think it matters.


Since it's safer to have a higher threshold value, move it down in increments of 500 or 1000 until it works.

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