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Using extant catalog in a DR, revisited


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About 3 weeks ago, I asked how to use an extant catalog when doing a disaster recovery.


Nate answered:




You can choose any catalog file for use with the DR. Just cancel the DR wizard but don't quit. It should drop you to the standard Retrospect interface where you can select an existing catalog file.




His suggestion did work at that time.


Yesterday, I had to again replace the hard drive.

During the DR, I did cancel the DR wizard, but when I identified the extant catalog, all Retrospect did was open the properties for the backup set. I could find no way to use that catalog, so I had to allow Retrosoect rebuild the catalog.


Last two times, this took a bit under 7 hours. This time it was much faster, I guess because there were fewer normal backups since the last recycle backup.


It seems the only way to identify the catalog is thru the File | Open menu. If so, why did this works last time, but not yesterday?


It would be useful if Dantz provided an explicit list of the steps required to use an extant catalog.

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